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Conference Recordings

Conference Recordings from the 2023 Small School Leaders Conference

Did you miss the 2023 Small School Leaders Conference? No worries! We've got you covered. You'll find everything you need to support your marketing, admissions, and development teams in these actionable recorded sessions. 

You'll have access to the following recordings with this purchase:

 “Social Media Secrets for Small Schools” with Andrea Gribble

 “Future Family Funnel Strategies – How to Increase Enrollments!” with Susie Gill

 "Closing the Loop: Home-School Communications" with Patricia Weinzapfel

 “School Website Checkup! Easy Improvements For Better Website Performance and SEO” with Tara Claeys

 “Beyond the Click Through Rate” with Jesse Meadow

  “How to Execute a Video Marketing Strategy with Both In-house and Outsourcing Partners” with Joe Monzo

 “The Digital Psychology of How Parents "Shop" For Schools Online” with Trevor Waddington

✅  “Small School Storytelling Secrets: Using Content to Grow & Thrive” with Emily Cretella & Alex Brosowsky

✅ "Being Bold and Bouncing Back" with Rebecca Malotke-Meslin

 “Easy Wins to Help Small Schools Convert More Leads" with Timo Nieuwoudt & Jamie Giblett

 “Development Priorities: What To Do When You Can’t Do It All” with Jill Goodman (recording only available through March 3, 2023)

 “Fans First: Student and Parent Experience Lessons from Minor League Baseball” with Angela Brown

 “Want More Inquiries? Here's the Blueprint for Using Inbound Marketing at Your School” with Brendan Schneider

  “5 Free Google Tools Your School Needs to Know in 2023” with Angie Ward

✅  “Email Marketing For Your Small School: How To Succeed With Email Marketing” with Rebecca Bernardo-Hartley

✅  “Leading Up: Maximizing the Board-Head Relationship" with Brooke Carroll

  "Strategies to Build Compelling Social Proof that Attracts and Retains Families" with Aubrey Bursch

Recordings may be added or subtracted without notice due to the preference of speakers. 

What People Are Saying:

The value of this conference was... well, INVALUABLE! With such variety of speakers and topics covered, there was always something to listen to and learn about.

CEO, Aubrey Bursch and her team at Easy School Marketing went above and beyond to make this conference a success. Daily reminders were sent about the conferences with detailed information on what we will cover and who was speaking which made me feel as though we were all in the room together. The speakers and the community were very upbeat and eager to learn. The knowledge I took away from these three days has been very impactful and I can't wait to sign up for next years!

I attended to hear from one particular speaker I felt would have valuable insight for my role. I wasn't who any other speakers were or if their sessions would be worth my time. I was blown away by the expertise shared by every single presenter! I attended every session because even the ones that didn't relate specifically to my role provided tips to make me more efficient. They also provided great insight into processes that could help our overall strategy. It was a fantastic conference and I was able to take away insight, great ideas, resources, and implementation ideas from every speaker.