Independent School Administrators:

You need School Team Systems & Project Management Training!

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We know your struggles...


  • You need clarity around how to efficiently organize and track projects, events, and deadlines
  • You need help understanding your exact ROI to figure out the time and money involved in each project
  • You want to set effective role guidelines and boundaries for your admins and staff
  • You are ready to create repeatable processes and implement automation into your systems

We know how to tackle each struggle you face head-on with proven strategies, systems, and training.

How We Help

1. We audit your development, marketing, and admissions programs, projects, events, & annual calendar 

2. We determine your ROI on each item to decide areas of focus

3. We work with you to develop a project management system so that you’re more effective and efficient, and better able to communicate with your team

Save Money

Our last client saved 
over $90,000 in project/event costs by reassessing ROI, organizing project and event tasks, streamlining communications, and clearly defining team roles and boundaries.

Save Time

Our clients save time when they use project management systems and new communication methods. 

It's enabled teams to take maternity leave, go on vacation, and easily train new hires!

About Aubrey and Taylor

Aubrey Bursch

Aubrey is founder of ESM, Marketing & Development consultant and has 15+ years of experience helping independent schools optimize their marketing resources to increase enrollment and retention.

Taylor Mobley

Taylor is a Project Management & Productivity Coach with 6+ Years of Experience helping businesses create internal systems and utilize project management tools efficiently.

School Team Systems & Training Options

If you are looking for the smartest way to utilize your professional development dollars this year, this is it. 

Give your team a leg up going into the new school year with our School Team System & Project Management Training!

Schedule a clarity call with Aubrey & Taylor today and get $1,000 off your School Team Systems & Project Management Training if you book by July 31!

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"I love seeing how well Trello is helping my colleagues better communicate and stay on top of things. Working with Aubrey and her team feels like we have doubled the size of our Advancement Team without the additional payroll expense. You definitely get your bang for the buck as well as a personal cheerleader encouraging you every step of the way."

Alison Tyler
Head of School

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