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3 Alumni Marketing & Incentive Strategies


✨ Hi there,

🏫 Your alumni are incredibly valuable and keeping them involved is a major benefit to your school, but how do you incentive such a thing?

One of the members of Small School Leaders brought up at our latest meetup that they noticed there were all these alumni from their school living local to the area, and strangely weren't sending their kids to their school 🤔

1. 💸 In response, another member shared that at their school they have something called a "legacy grant." This grant was gifted to graduates, stating that if they enroll their first child into their school, they'll receive 10% off tuition. I thought this was so creative and interesting! 

2. The number one complaint I receive from schools in regards to alumni is that they don't attend anything put on by the school. The school host all these events, invest all this money and there's still no show. I've advised schools to pair the graduating class with recent alumni and together create events that they are invested in and will genuinely enjoy 🎉

3. 📲 This last tip may seem obvious, but it's not as obvious as you'd think. Before graduates leave your school, make sure you have not only their email but their cell phone number, their social media handles, etc. Email isn't as relevant as it once was, so it's critical to get all the contact info necessary to reach and stay in contact with your alumni.

I'm curious, how is your school actively engaging with alumni? Email me at [email protected]. Chat soon!




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