Fractional  Marketing & Development Director

In this 6 to12 month partnership, we integrate into your existing team to reimagine the possibilities, streamline your processes, develop strategic plans, keep you on track, and provide accountability around key results.

Streamline Project Management

✓ Develop Annual Plan

✓ Facilitate Team Retreats, Trainings, & Planning Sessions

✓ Ongoing Audits,Recommendations, & Strategic Support to Enhance ROI

✓ Survey Creation, Distribution, Analysis, & Reporting 

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How do we partner with your school?

We offer a high-impact ongoing partnership with independent schools, bringing 20 years of experience working in and with schools.  

Salaries of Marketing & Development Directors average $78,000/year, plus benefits. For small schools with limited budgets, having a highly experienced leader in this role for a fraction of the cost is an incredible value. 

We help you create more time, money, and energy to optimize & enhance your marketing and development efforts, while supporting your entire team to become more efficient and effective.

We act as a resource and your on-hand retained expert in the fields of fundraising, admissions, marketing, and head of school leadership.

“I highly recommend that you work with Aubrey and listen to her advice! She started working with us as a volunteer and parent at our school about five years ago. She very quickly assessed where we were and came up with a plan for how to improve both our admissions and development programs. She was very flexible with understanding how busy our staff is and amended plans where necessary so that we could still move forward without overwhelming our small team.” 

—Natasha Soderberg, Associate Head of School

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 Condense their fundraising cycles from 10 months to 2, while exceeding projections by $20k+ without confusing or burning out parents with shorter timelines + better results

✓ Implement communication and technological systems for greater efficiency so the priorities that truly matter don’t slip through the cracks and you stay consistent -- even when team members take a vacation, transition positions, or go on maternity leave

Facilitate inter-department communication and connection for more aligned messaging, materials, initiatives, schedules, calendars, & more

Educate new and returning parents about the value of your school and boost loyalty and retention 

✓ Create seamless and stress-free new family onboarding processes to increase connection and loyalty to your school

“One of the big things we discovered is that our families were feeling donor fatigue with our annual fund campaign running the entire school year. With Aubrey's help, we tightened our campaign time frame down to 11 weeks and still met our $200,000 goal.”

- Alison Tyler, Head of School 
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What support does Fractional Marketing + Development Director include?

  • Ongoing 6 to 12-month container (with the option to renew)
  • 45-min 1x1 weekly strategy & accountability session with Aubrey 
  • 8 hours/month (2 hrs/week) of additional asynchronous support, which may include the following:
    • Copy review
    • Graphic design
    • Survey development
    • Content creation
    • Additional meetings
    • Audit of existing systems, initiatives, events, and financials
    • Editing and advising on communications and messaging
    • Strategic high-level recommendations on leadership and advancement
    • Mapping out timelines and priorities for the year ahead
    • Project management
    • Board report

“Aubrey helped us identify what sets us apart from our competition and guided us in our messaging as well as with inexpensive but very effective touch points with prospective families. She also helped us focus on retention through wonderful storytelling and the use of surveys to truly understand what our families' expectations were.” 

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