Market Research Solutions for Data-Driven Decisions

We conduct 1:1 interviews with prospective + current families to create honest, creative, + data-driven strategies for both internal and external marketing solutions that make your school, project, or initiative the clear choice for mission-aligned families.

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How market research can help your school succeed



When you’re experiencing a leadership change, staff attrition, or board turnover, it can feel overwhelming and like something is “off” within your school. Maybe you are attracting non-mission-aligned families that your school is not equipped to support. Whatever your challenge may be that feels confusing to you, we’ll bring youclarity through data-driven interviews and strategic interpretation that you can act on.


We'll conduct 1:1 interviews with current and alumni families to determine why they chose your school and why they stayed. We translate their key motivations into your marketing strategy to attract more mission-aligned families.

Retain your
school's families

If you're seeing attrition and don't know why we’ll get to the real reasons families are leaving, and determine the right next actions to course-correct and improve loyalty and retention.

Identify opportunities

When you’re considering launching a new initiative, moving to a new location, or expanding your programs, it’s critical to understand what your current and prospective families actually want to validate the idea before pouring your valuable resources into it. We’ll remove the guesswork and set you up for success.

What is Market Research?

We partner with small and independent schools like yours to conduct in-depth, conversational, 1:1 interviews customized to reveal the insights that inform your best possible trajectory and provide the foundation to maximize solutions and minimize struggles

By focusing on attrition, retention, and enrollment data, you'll gain a clear understanding of the underlying and invisible issues that impact your results. Our method of Market Research saves you hundreds of thousands of dollars through providing valuable insights from your key stakeholders -- all for less than one year of a single student's tuition (on average). 

Our data-driven approach, coupled with our strategic actionable next steps gleaned from our research findings, amplifies a proactive approach to generating solutions and quickly closing gaps that could lead to increased challenges in the long run. Our results will empower you to course correct swiftly in specific areas to keep your school thriving.

Market Research Packages

What Your School Receives

Our Proven Process Includes Both Qualitative and Quantitative Data

  • Minimum of 25 one-on-one interviews with your school's stakeholders (current and new parents, alumni, feeder schools, administration, faculty, staff, etc.) 
  • Custom survey creation and distribution to your broader community to gather and validate your unique challenges and opportunities as a school
  • In-depth and highly detailed report of all findings, including key themes, direct quotes, and strategic recommendations so you know exactly what actions to take and decisions to make
  • Custom video analysis to accompany report with Aubrey's commentary, interesting findings, unexpected insights, and creative suggestions to move you forward
  • 60-minute Follow-up Session via Zoom [recorded] to answer questions, determine next steps, and solidify a strategic action plan

“Aubrey seemed to get our school from the start and certainly by the middle and end of the process. Hearing from an outside person who has gotten direct feedback from our families anonymously is very helpful (and sometimes hard) to hear. ”


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