3 Reasons to Lead a Half Day Planning Session for Your Team

Apr 02, 2022

✨ Hi there,

Right now is the optimal time for you to lead a Half Day Planning Session with your team 👥💬 Summer is almost here - the school year is just about over and it's time to start thinking about what worked, what didn't, key challenges your team needs to tackle and ways to improve things for the next year.  😌

But why is a half-day planning session so important? 🤔 Today I'll share with you my top 3 reasons why... 🙌

1.)  You eliminate the distractions 🧘🏻‍♀️ Working in schools, there's always something going on, forcing teachers and staff to be constantly on duty. By allotting a long period (4 hours or so!), somewhere away from distractions to meet will enable the necessary time and attention to focus and collaborate 👥

2.) You tackle key challenges 💪 Because a half-day strategy session is a set-aside, pre-planned, and focused period, schools can dive in and address a key challenge. This time allows for the team to dive deep into the issues and come up with solutions. And because it's a shortened amount of time, your team isn't feeling drained by the end of it. Phew! 😅

3.) You walk away with a plan and you're ready to start producing results 🙌 Because you've taken this time to identify a key challenge, discuss and problem solve together - you start making the important decisions. Then you assign tasks and deadlines and you've got a plan to reach your goal. Everyone is informed and on the same page and is ready to execute! Huzzah! 

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