3 Tips for Using Social Proof During the Admissions Season

Feb 26, 2022

✨ Hi there,

📲 Social proof can build that know and trust factor because people want to know the experience of others who have already experienced the school.

1. 📧 Every admissions email should include tested quotes and testimonials from parents, students, alumni, etc. Bonus if you've tailored those to meet the needs of the level that they're applying to. Even your signature block is a great place to include a testimonial - built-in social proof!

2. 💻 Showcase social proof on your admissions landing page. This is a prime place to put social proof because that's where people are looking at the tuition, admissions process, etc. Lots of online traffic here, especially this time of year.

3. 📹 Include video testimonials. Video has the power to convey so much, so it's the perfect resource to send prospective parents. Maybe a parent inquires about a specific grade level and wants to know all the great things their child would be learning that year - ask current parents to be part of a video testimonial showcasing what their child learned and their perspective as parents.

✨ How are you using social proof during the admissions process? I'd love to know. Connect with me on LinkedIn. I look forward to seeing you there!