3 Ways to Convert Summer Campers to Enrolled Students at Your Private School 🏕

Apr 22, 2022

 Hi there,

🏕 Your summer camp is a terrific way to funnel in new students, especially if you have aligned your camp with your school offerings ☀️🏖 For example, if your school values nature, college prep, socioemotional development, etc. It's critical you structure your summer camp to align with your school's unique value proposition and mission - this is key! 🗝

Now that that's settled, let's dive into my top 3 ways you can convert summer campers to enrolled students! 🥳

1.) Engaging and connecting the campers during their time in summer camp with the school 🫂 This means the head of school visiting, teachers hosting the summer camp, etc. This warms up campers and parents to the staff from the get-go, allowing for connection to form! 🤗 You can also include this in your email sequences to camper parents, including blurbs like, "Meet the Team!" and sprinkling in soft touches here and there about all the fun that's happening at camp 📧

2.) Invite them to school community events throughout the year 🎉 Oftentimes I'll see schools host end-of-summer bonfire events, inviting campers, families, and staff to get together and connect over the fire 🏕 It's a popular community builder and everyone loves it! Besides summer events, make sure you invite them to your other school events too: fall festival, school plays, sports tournaments, etc. It makes campers and families feel more a part of your community, which is essential🌟 

 3.) Communicating with campers beyond the camp season 💬 This means strategically figuring out when and how to keep in contact. Maybe that's sending out a monthly gratitude communication, a back-to-school communication, holiday communication, etc. ✉️ And as an added bonus, throw in some personalization!  Maybe it's a letter or postcard that the camp counselor sends at the end of a session. Campers will appreciate this, and it will bring back fond memories! 🤗

🙌  Be sure to watch the video for a special bonus tip! 

 I'd love to know, how are you converting campers to enrolled students? Email me at [email protected] 📧