3 Admissions Tips from Small School Leaders

Jun 11, 2021

Hi friends!

Today I'm sharing some admissions & retention strategies to keep families at your school! These came from our most recent Small School Leaders meetup, where we heard some inspiring tips that you can use at your school. 

1. Shift the mindset. This means showcasing from the beginning the student enters your school that this is a long-term investment rather than year to year. This can be done by highlighting the graduation year, i.e. "Welcome to the Class of 2032!" 

2. Focus on community. When the family starts at your school, give them a warm welcome into your community with events, free school swag, yard signs, and even a signing ceremony! 

3. Get creative. There's no shortage of ways to creatively welcome your families and keep them year after year. Use social media, engage your families, and plan fun events. 

What do you do for admissions & retention? I'd love to hear! Join our next Small School Leaders meetup, July 15th at 12PM EDT, to share your strategies and hear from other small school professionals.