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3 Ways to Showcase Your School's Value to Your Admissions List


Hi there!

Struggling to engage your admissions list? I have 3 key tips on how to win over the families considering enrolling in your school with strategies that showcase your special value proposition.

  1.  Your admissions list should be included in all your soft touch emails to families. What do I mean by soft touch? I'm talking about your holiday emails, your gratitude emails. It is a “soft touch” of what's happening in the school or highlighting something really cool.
  2.  Engage your admissions list by incentivizing to the next level and educating about the next level. So if you're in third grade, that's fourth grade, if you're in elementary school, that's middle school - you're always talking about the next level and getting people excited.
  3.  If a prospective student is visiting, consider sending a handwritten note or a video created by the other students. Or something “warm and fuzzy” that shows the class really cares about the visiting student and that they want them to have a great experience. 

 What are you doing to really utilize your admissions list? I'd love to hear.

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