4 Communications to Send Current Parents January through March

Jan 08, 2022

Hi there,

🌨 You're probably wondering: why January through March? Well, this is a key retention time point.

It's a period where parents are asking themselves, "do we opt out of the school or stay?" and "I'm spending X amount of dollars every year, is it worth it?" 🤔 

 Basically, this time of year is pivotal for your current parents, but with these 4 key communications that I'm sharing with you today, you'll be able to save your retention. 

1.  Sending out an email from the next level 💻 For example, if the prospective family's child is in 4th grade, you would send a personalized email from your 5th grade staff sharing with you what exciting things the curriculum has in store- including projects, field trips, traditions and more. The point is to get parents excited and involved with their child's future learnings!

2. Write a personalized, handwritten note inviting the child and family to the next level 📝 I understand not everyone may have time for this, but you'd be amazed at the response this can receive. Include photos, signatures and a warm welcome to let parents know your staff and student body cares and is looking forward to having their child be a part of their school.

3. Send out an email detailing the next level curriculum 📚So, once again, if a prospective family's child is in 4th grade, this means sending out an email entailing the details of the 5th grade program. Be sure to include a resource where parents are easily able to learn more, such as a link invitation to a virtual information session or webpage that further outlines the program. If you're not doing this and assuming parents know what's going to happen next year, you're wrong. 

4. Send out and email with testimonies and end product case studies 💻 For example, sharing a testimony from a family with a 5th grade enrolled student to a prospective 4th grade student's parents about how much they and their child loved the 5th grade experience. Include alumni, showcasing the success of previous students so that parents know the final product and feel reaffirmed in your school being the right option for you and your child. 

✨ I'd love to hear, what communication tactics do you use during this time of year? Connect with me on LinkedIn.