4 Effective Communications for Retention

Jun 15, 2021

Hey there,

Don't let your communications fall short as you head into the new school year, because this is the ideal time to be communicating with new & returning families.

Right now this is especially important because families are looking for those beloved traditions, community, and that traditional independent school experience. 

So today I have 4 effective types of communication you can be using NOW to set yourself up for success this fall: 

1. The "vision" communication. 👁  This is where you showcase all the wonderful things that will happen this year. What traditions are you bringing back? Paint that wonderful value proposition. 

2. Community building. 🤝  What is your parent's association doing? How are you bringing people together in meaningful ways this year? 

3. Setting expectations. 👩‍🏫  While this school year is going to be a whole lot more "normal" than last year, it still is probably not going to look exactly like pre-COVID. By communicating exactly where your school is at and being realistic, parents will know what to expect. 

4. Safety protocols & what changed. 😷  Be very clear about what the protocols are for this year coming back to in-person. By communicating this now, you will overcome those objections in advance. 

What are you doing to communicate with your current & new families? I'd love to hear! Connect with me on LinkedIn.