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4 Effective Communications for Retention


Hey there,

Welcome to summer! It's time for vacations, relaxation, warm weather, AND communications! 📢 

Don't let your communications fall short this summer, because this is the ideal time to be communicating with new & returning families.

This summer is especially important, because after a year and a half of COVID, families are looking for those beloved traditions, community, and that traditional independent school experience. 

So today I have 4 effective types of communication you can be using this summer to set yourself up for success this fall: 

1. The "vision" communication. 👁  This is where you showcase all the wonderful things that will happen this year. What traditions are you bringing back? Paint that wonderful value proposition. 

2. Community building. 🤝  What is your parent's association doing? How are you bringing people together in meaningful ways this year? 

3. Setting expectations. 👩‍🏫  While this school year is going to be a whole lot more "normal" than last year, it still is probably not going to look exactly like pre-COVID. By communicating exactly where your school is at and being realistic, parents will know what to expect. 

4. Safety protocols & what changed. 😷  Be very clear about what the protocols are for this year coming back to in-person. By communicating this now, you will overcome those objections in advance. 

What are you doing to communicate with your current & new families this summer? I'd love to hear! Connect with me on LinkedIn. 



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