4 Enrollment Tasks That Overwhelmed Admissions Teams Can Outsource

Jan 26, 2022

Hi there,

Does this admissions season have you feeling depleted, overworked, and overwhelmed? 😥With COVID on the rise, the chaos can feel compounded, leaving us with more work and issues to address than usual during this time of year. 

🤗I'm encouraging you to outsource - yes, I said it. 

Outsourcing can be the solution you need to take that extra workload off your plate so you can focus on what needs immediate attention. So today I share with you 4 enrollment tasks that overwhelmed admissions teams can outsource!

Number 1. Give Personalized Virtual Tours 💻

Shifting from in-person to virtual touring will save you time and enables you to screen parents before scheduling an in-person tour for the school, making sure it's the right fit. Virtual touring can be done from anywhere and eliminates all COVID protocol concerns and distance complications.

Number 2. Personalized Follow-Ups 📝

Handwritten and personalized follow-ups are so meaningful and someone your admissions team probably values deeply! However, it's a process that can eat up our time. Luckily, it's a simple enough task that can be easily outsourced to just about anyone!

Number 3. Utilize Outside Small Business Resources 💻

I highly suggest going to Etsy, where you can find all kinds of sellers that put together meaningful care packages that are the perfect gift to any recipient! Including prospective, enrolled or current parents.

Number 4. Email Sequences 📧

Email sequences are essential to the enrollment process, and also a simple enough task where help can easily be outsourced. Simple as duplicating old sequences and updating them to the current enrollment process!

✨ I'd love to know, what are you outsourcing in enrollment? Email me at [email protected] 🤗