4 Survey Mistakes & How to Avoid Them 🙅‍♀️

Jun 25, 2021

Hey there, 

These common school survey mistakes are easily avoidable and make all the difference! 

❌  Inconsistency. By sticking to a survey schedule, you give parents what they expect and get easily trackable data. 

❌  Not using anonymous surveys. This is so important! If you don't give parents an outlet to voice their concerns, they may turn into the "silent but deadly ones, " i.e., the ones who unexpectedly unenroll or even gossip. 

❌  Not reporting back. If you don't tell parents how you used the results of the survey to make X, Y, Z changes, they'll feel like their voices were not heard.

❌  Not asking marketing questions.  Asking your current families' social media & engagement behaviors will clue you into what your prospective families want to see. 

Let me know if this is helpful for improving your surveys! I'd love to hear your school's survey habits. Connect with me on LinkedIn!