4 Ways to Get Enrollment Contracts Back on Time ⏳

Feb 11, 2022

✨ Hi there!

😅 Do you struggle with parents getting their enrollment contracts back to you on time? Deadlines pass and you're still left waiting? 

Wait no more with these 4 tips I'm sharing with you today!

1. Continuous Enrollment 🏫

This may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised at the number of schools that are not implementing this. This way, parents aren't hassled with opting in every year - instead, they simply only have to opt-out! 

2. Having a Deadline with an Incentive or Consequence 

Deadlines fly by, and when there's no consequence, there's no incentive to stick to it! 🤭 Incentivize parents with there being limited space at your school or perhaps putting their name in a raffle to win prizes - figure out what makes sense to your school and what would best appeal. 

3. Create Urgency ⏳

Use language that promotes a sense of urgency! If your school is filling up, urge parents to "reserve their spot", "save a seat"! This helps communicate to parents that time is running out and now is the time to act. 

4. Personalized Engagement 📬

Sending personalized reminders to parents in the form of cards and emails is both meaningful and effective. Saying "We're so excited for your child to join us this year! Be sure to turn in your contract to ensure your child's spot" hits both the personalized engagement and incentive to reserve. 

I'd like to hear what are you doing to try to get those enrollment contracts back on time? Email me at [email protected] 📧