4 Ways to Use Faculty In-Service to Further Marketing Development Initiatives

Apr 04, 2022

✨ Hi there,

🏫 Either at the end or beginning of the school year, schools have what they call faculty in service. During this time, there are all kinds of exciting meetings happening and it's also one of the biggest opportunities that we as marketing development professionals have to make an impact 📊

🤗 So today I'll be sharing with you 4 ways you can utilize this time to further your marketing development initiatives and goals!

1.) Batch your school content for the rest of the year 🎥 Days before school begins I ask teachers to participate in recording their testimonials. I set up several recording stations and quickly bring teachers in and out for filming. You save yourself countless hours doing this because you'll be fully equipped with content for the rest of the year! 🥳

2.) Engaging presentations 🎉 To inform about what's happening in marketing and development I utilize presentations filled with fun, engaging activities such as raffles, volunteers, role modeling, etc. It keeps staff engaged and connects them to our work 🙌

3.) Ask for feedback 💬 Asking questions such as, "what do you think?", "what are your marketing ideas?", "what are you noticing with parents?", etc. will be greatly beneficial to you. You'll be amazed at all the creative ideas that can arise when asking for feedback - it's a great opportunity to generate ideas, listen, bond, and improve 🫂

4.) Show appreciation 💌 Ideally you should be doing this all year long, but if you can emphasize it, especially at the end of the year, it's leaves everything on a positive upbeat note. You can show appreciation by hosting lunches, writing handwritten notes, etc. There are so many fun things you could do to show you care 🤗

I'd love to know, how are you furthering your marketing development initiatives and goals? Email me at [email protected] 📧