5 Key COVID Communications for 2022

Jan 08, 2022

✨ Hi there,

There are 5 key COVID communications you want to be using right now. 

🦠 COVID isn't going anywhere. Schools are experiencing spikes, staff shortage and receiving varying guidance from multiple sources. COVID communications are very helpful to your school, especially for your parents to receive. 

Times are changing and there's so much going on that sometimes we forget to communicate these key elements. 

💬 You want to constantly be communicating. You want to constantly be giving information and reassurance to parents. You want to give them everything they need to know so they're not surprised.

1. FAQ's - this is important. Most schools have an FAQ, but oftentimes I don't see them including the common questions parents are asking. Make sure you're including the questions coming into your email inbox. Put your FAQ in your weekly newsletter and be sure to update regularly. With the rise of COVID, there's been a lot of change, so consistently updating your COVID FAQ in a place that's easy for parents to view and access regularly will be very helpful to you.

2. Reassure the parents  🤗 COVID has brought alarm into our daily lives, and parents need to know that their kids are in good hands. Be sure to inform parents on what's happening in the classroom, and follow with reassuring that you're making sure their child is learning, safe and having a great experience. 

3. COVID protocols 🦠 they've probably changed since the beginning of the school year. Those changes need to be on the forefront of your parents' minds - you could link the info in your weekly newsletter. You might highlight parts of code protocols, share this info in bite-sized pieces in a place that is regularly viewed. Make sure that parents are not surprised because they have been fed this info over and over. 

4. Apologize and prepare parents for the situation to come 🫂 COVID has made life very unpredictable - so it's crucial to keep parents informed on potential circumstances before a conundrum arises. You'd be surprised - asking for patience and understanding from parents can be extremely effective - something as simple as, "there's most likely going to be a delay response and getting back to you and we apologize."

5. Templates for every scenario 📄 Include all the need info for a specific scenario in your templates and have them ready to go. It will save you so much time and energy because administrations during this time of COVID are swamped. You all are overwhelmed, trying to generate really good content and communications last minute -that's challenging. So definitely think about the templates

I'd love to know, how has your school navigated COVID communications? I'd love to know. Connect with me on LinkedIn!