5 Revelations Parents Share in 3rd Party Interviews

Dec 10, 2021

Hi there!

 ✨ These 5 revelations that parents share might surprise you! 

As a school, why do you want to know this information? Because it will impact your retention efforts. It will assist with your enrollment efforts and overall it will help you feel more informed about what's actually happening at your school.

1️⃣ Parents will actually share if they're planning to stay at your school. They will honestly share what’s on their mind and what their plans are - and that,  to a school trying to plan and trying to retain, is very important information.

2️⃣ Parents know the external community’s perception your school and are happy to share this information. With great accuracy, they can tell you exactly what your external community thinks of your school. This helps with marketing efforts and seeing if what's being said aligns with the actual program and offerings of your school.

3️⃣ Parents have really good ideas about how to market your school. This is especially true with both established and new parents. Ideas such as, “Have you thought of reaching out to this preschool who might be a feeder into your program?” etc. It can feel unusual to ask parents for marketing help, but they are an extremely valuable resource.

4️⃣ Parents are eager to share what you're doing really well. They'll identify key pillars, which are crucial to your value proposition. They're going to tell you what you're just hitting out of the park, and some might surprise you. 

5️⃣ Parents will tell you where your school needs to grow. They will share their disappointments with you. Usually we don't want to hear those things, but actually those are the things that help us get better. And that's the thing that helps with retention and our onboarding processes.

✨ Because I like you so much, I’ve shared a BONUS tip in my “5 Revelations Parents Share in 3rd Party Interviews," so be sure to watch the video above! 

What insights have parents shared with you that have boosted your school’s success? I’d love to hear.

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