5 Ways to Integrate & Connect New Families at Your Private School Now

Apr 16, 2022

✨ Hi there,

Let's talk about those new families that want to know about your school. How can we make them feel connected and integrate them into your community? 🫂 

I’ll tell you how…

1.) Invite them to your year-end celebration 🥳

So if it's Spring and you have plays and musicals coming up - maybe you have a really cool project that your seventh graders are doing. Invite them to tour that project! Maybe you invite them to graduation. Just think of all the things you have going on at your school!

2.) Host informal playdates 🤗

This would be for the younger crowd or for new and current parents to connect. You could add on a nice community builder, but it's really important to have those in the Spring and then sprinkled throughout the Summer because everyone's looking for a community right now. And this is a wonderful way to integrate your new families into your community 🫂

3.) Add them to your email list 📧

Add them to your weekly newsletter, and if not, add them to your head of school newsletter, or community newsletter. Add them to those email lists. It's going to help so much - we've seen people add to their email list and all of a sudden new families attend the Spring auction or they make a surprise donation, you never know! It's making them feel welcomed and part of the community.

4.)  Send them a list of everything that's upcoming and when to expect it  📝

And continue to make that part of the email communications that you send them. It's so important, they need to know what to expect, what to attend, and when.

5.) Host a new family orientation before school lets out 🙌  

This gives parents time to think over the summer and relax into an informed decision, knowing what to expect moving forward.

✨ I'd love to know, how are you connecting with new families this time of year? Email me at [email protected] 📧