5 Ways to Win with Social Proof

Dec 17, 2021

✨ Hi there!

💻💬What is social proof? It’s when people trust other people's opinions because they have more experience with the product, and surprise - this applies to schools too!

In this digital age, schools really need to think about how their social proof can be used, so today I have 5️⃣ways you can WIN with social proof. 

 1️⃣ try implementing alumni highlights to your weekly newsletter, or in however way you digitally connect with your parents. It showcases your end product. Include student testimonials, parent testimonials, teacher testimonials, etc. This reaffirms the value proposition to your parents.

2️⃣ask parents throughout the year for honest reviews of your school via Niche.com, PrivateSchoolReview.com, GreatSchools.org, Google My Business, Facebook, etc. - all those places are great review sites and add to the social proof. Parents want to hear about other parent’s experiences.

 3️⃣ when those places are populated, you can pull some testimonials from them and put them on your website and anywhere you see fit. Why on your website? Your website should not just be your voice. It should include case studies, testimonials from people, video and written testimonials, etc. It brings your website to life and that social proof is going to help parents take that next step.

 4️⃣speaking of testimonials and case studies - those should be on your social media feeds. This can be done as nice graphic cards, videos, etc. I highly suggest collecting content during August, right before the school year begins by capturing videos, quotes, etc. of your staff sharing why they love your school.

 5️⃣ if you're sending admissions emails - always include testimonials from your alumni, parents, etc. Think of it like this: you're talking to prospective parents, let's continue to feed them things about why your school is great, not only through our words, but through the words of others - the people who have actually experienced it.

✨ I'd love to know how are you using social proof in your school?

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