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5 Mistakes That are Killing Your Enrollment & Retention Efforts!


Hi there! 

Spring 2021 is right around the corner, and NOW, more than ever, we need to be focused on enrollment and retention. 

So, today I have for you the top 5 mistakes that are killing all your efforts right now: 

1. You think you can do it ALL and are not outsourcing 

2. You are not focused on relationship building 

3. You're waiting around for what next year brings before you do any planning

4. You are not setting non-negotiable time aside for enrollment & retention

5. You are not discussing your enrollment & retention expectations enough with faculty & staff 

So for this month (and onward!), I challenge you to work on those enrollment & retention efforts, and especially your relationship building. 

I am cheering you on! 

What are some strategies you use to improve enrollment & retention? 





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