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6 Reasons Families Leave Schools


Hi there!

Today I'll be sharing with you 6 Reasons why families leave schools. This knowledge is critical because you want to retain the families that you have, the families that you love, because it saves you time, money, energy, everything  - and creates a community that is really supportive.

  1. There is a disconnection between the product that they were sold through the admissions process and their experience as a parent. 
  2.  They don't see the value and yes, you would think this is the same as number one -  It is not. I've seen many schools that are actually executing what they sold. They are actually delivering this experience, but guess what? The parents aren't seeing that experience and so don’t see the value. 
  3.  They're not connected to the child's teacher. So as a parent, I want to know and trust that person and know they're in good hands. They're being nurtured. They're being cared for. They're being taught. They're excelling. They're happy. 
  4. They're not connected to their child's experience. It's crucial that educators connect with their students and are able to offer meaningful insights to the parents of their students. Sharing small moments such as a time they noticed their child making a new friend or getting excited about a particular subject, etc. There are endless ways to offer valuable insight, connecting parents to their child's experience. 
  5. They're not connected to peer groups. Students need to be connected with peers in their classrooms. Parents need the same thing - to be connected to other parents in the classroom, to have that grade-level community that ties them to the school.  
  1.  They're not connected to the classroom. Connection to the classroom is key. This means that parents want to know: What is going on in the classroom? What is the children's schedule? What amazing things are students learning in there? 

What other ways have you found to be helpful in retention? I'd love to hear. 



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