7 School Marketing Projects to Tackle This Summer

Jun 10, 2023

Summer is one of the best times to tackle projects. Even better — it’s the best time to get ready for fall. We can set our future selves up for success if we prepare now. 

Of course there are a million things on your plate, but here are a few (of many) that we’ve found valuable to school marketing and communication teams. 

✅ Batch videos you can use throughout the year 

    1. at Faculty In Service, during camp, and with year-round staff.
    2. Even if you think, “Well, we’re only doing camp stuff right now,” if you’re capturing good video, it will serve you well later.

Transcribe those videos and others you’ve taken throughout the year and use them as testimonials on your website, in communications, and as graphic social media posts. 

Capture parent, Board, staff, and student reviews—ask them to load Niche.com, Private School Review, Great Schools, and if Google reviews are still working for your school, solicit them for that too!

  •  Yes, it can sometimes be challenging to reach people during summer, but they often have some extra time to do things too. 

Interview year-round staff—you can do this through a Google form or via video for an even bigger ROI on your time. Here are some good questions to ask…

  1. What do you love about the school?
  2. What are you excited about this year?
  3. What’s your favorite part of working at x school?
  4. What inspires you each year?

Set up systems using tools—now is the time to figure out what is not working and make it work again.

    1. Audit your time and projects
    2. Find software that can help
    3. Schedule demos and sign up for free trials to see if it will work for you and the team 

Create Content to use during the school year 

    1. Set up welcome sequences for new families
    2. Batch the first 4 months of schools HOS emails
    3. Write blogs and/or outsource blogs to faculty working over the summer.

Share warm & fuzzy content through the summer to keep your families connected.

    1. Create “about” content to introduce your faculty and staff 
    2. Show what’s happening on campus, camp, summer school, and staff preparations.
    3. Highlight where families or staff are going over the summer,
    4. Highlight improvements to the campus, summer camp photos, and more!

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