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7 Surveys Every School Needs to Use


Hey there, 

Surveys are a hot topic right now! Why? Through annual surveys, you can benchmark data, figure out what's working, and what needs to improve. Here are 7 key surveys you should be using at your school: 

1. New-family survey. This helps your school better understand the new family experience and the admissions process through the eyes of a family. 

2. End of the year/all-school survey. This is a must-have survey! It allows you to benchmark important data from year to year. 

3. Student surveys can give you insights into if students plan to stay at your school for high school, why they may leave, and what they're looking for. 

4. Graduate survey. This allows you to learn the key takeaways that your students got from your school. 

5. Non-returning family survey. Through a third-party interview, you can find out why parents really leave.  

6. Staff survey. This gives your staff a way to voice what's on their mind. 

7. After visit/tour/open house survey. You can get data about what your visitors felt was missing on their tour or open house, and what their initial impressions were of your school. 

All of the information is so key to gather on a regular basis. Bonus tips:

  • Re-use your surveys
  • Incentivize
  • Send them at regular times!

This saves you time, increases participation, and allows your families to know what to expect. 

What surveys are you looking to implement at your school? I'd love to hear from you! Connect with me on LinkedIn. 



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