3 Strategies to Help Schools Prepare for COVID-19 Program Changes

Nov 12, 2020

Hi there, 

This is extremely important right now. With COVID-19 numbers rising across the country, schools are anticipating program changes over the next few months. Whether you're in-person possibly changing to hybrid or to distance, or you're already hybrid and changing to distance, your schools need to have this on the forefront. 

Even if changes don't end up happening, it's incredibly important to be continuously reminding parents, teachers, and staff of the possibility of program changes and your plans for each and every possibility. Why? 

Cutting back in-person learning is going to be detrimental to your value proposition. We need to be creative, and work extra hard (once again!) to keep our families (as well as teachers + staff) happy. 

So, today I have some advice to help prepare your school for anything and everything that might happen this winter—

1. As previously mentioned, plan EVERYTHING out, have a back-up plan (or two back-up plans!) and constantly communicate that plan to parents, students, teachers, and staff

2. Prepare for the transitions in program changes by clearing your schedule during those couple of weeks 

3. Have a plan to deliver above and beyond! Think about some of the things you can take advantage of through virtual programming—whether it's teaming up with non-compete schools to share electives, or offering special courses that normally wouldn't be offered

I want you to be prepared over these next few months, and I'm cheering you on through whatever may happen! Let's finish 2020 strong 💪

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