The Future of School MarCom Teams

Jan 27, 2020

Hey friend,

Well, I looked into my crystal ball today and saw the future.

Okay, well maybe I didn't *see* the future. But I did figure out what it might look like for MarCom offices.

Why is this important for you to know? Because as you're planning for the future, you'll want to start building the foundations for a successful, efficient and dynamic MarCom office.

The model of the future MarCom office is based on extremely productive and highly profitable entrepreneurial teams.

One of my passions is to take what's working in another industry and apply it to independent schools. And this is no different.

Why try and reinvent the wheel or just keep doing what all the other schools are doing when a proven and highly successful model is available to you?

Some components of this futuristic MarCom office includes:

1. A small staff who's hungry, humble and smart (read the book The Ideal Team Player).

They set the vision and work strategically. They're looking at the holistic view of the school not just the "marketing silo." They see the big picture of how MarCom can improve functions across the board.

2. They outsource small tasks that take away from their zone of genius.

They're the strategic visionaries with high level of marketing skills.

In order for them to produce and up-level, they outsource small projects to freelancers and virtual assistants instead of 1) spending time on time-consuming-no-ROI-tasks and 2) hiring on additional full time positions that slow the team down and cost more money. 

3. They systematize, automatize and track everything.

They're thinking about two years down the road and not about next week. This MarCom office is constantly looking at ways to become more efficient, to put systems in place to save time and money.

They're tracking all their projects and tasks so there's never a need to reinvent the wheel. 

4. They document their position, projects and tasks so there's a seamless team transition.

The average employee stays at their job for about three years. And that'll probably go down in the future. The amount of  job-related-task information lost when someone leaves a position is huge.

The future of a successful MarCom office is to document tasks and positions - not only showing when tasks are occurring but creating videos and screen-shares to show how to execute the task. 

Want to learn more? Check out this video for more about the future of MarCom offices and let me know your favorite takeaway. 

How can you set up your MarCom office for future success?



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