Why Your Advancement Teams Need to Collaborate More

Apr 07, 2021

Hello today! 

Are your marketing, development, and admissions teams working together? Or, do they look a little more like three siloed teams? 🤔

Collectively, these are your advancement teams, as they are absolutely vital to moving your school forward. 

Why collaboration, and why now? 

Now, more than ever, the future of your school depends on strategically using your resources by taking a collaborative, streamlined approach to your advancement teams. 

Do you frequently meet together?
Are you all on the same project management tool?
Does everyone know each other's calendar year? 

We don't know what the future holds in these uncertain times, but we do know that every resource is valuable in a school. 

So take some time this summer to evaluate your advancement teams. Determine how you can optimize your teams' work and use your resources in the best ways possible. 

Have any questions? Need more help? I'm an email away!