Why You Need Authentic Marketing Now

Feb 05, 2021

Happy Black History Month!

I want to take this opportunity to discuss how authentic marketing is extremely important for your school, prospective families, and the larger community.

In 2020, many schools' diversity, equity, and inclusion statements were met with backlash from alumni and the schools' communities. Why? Their statements and messaging were out of alignment with student and alumni experience.

Now, what is authentic marketing, and why is it important?

Authentic marketing means that your messaging is aligned with your practice. Basically, you say what you're actually doing (not what you think you're doing).

So I'm going to urge you to take a look at your messaging right now and ask yourself, does this connect to the experience that families are having? Are we accurately portraying our school?

Also, check out some great resources for Black History Month (and beyond!) at your school:

The Important Political History of Black History Month

How Schools Can Celebrate Black History Month (And Why It Matters) 

34 Black History Month Activities for February & Beyond

Books I'm reading with my children (more on the way from the library!):

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History

I am Rosa Parks

I am Harriet Tubman

Black Women Leaders in Science

Little Legends: Exceptional Men in Black History

Do you have resources and books you'd recommend? I'd love to know. Reply to this email!

Hope this was helpful, connect with me on LinkedIn to share the ways you are celebrating Black History Month!