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Avoid This Common Fundraising Mistake: A Key to Retention Success

Aug 12, 2023

Navigating the Annual Giving Season

With the Annual Giving season approaching, it's crucial for small and independent schools to be mindful of a major fundraising mistake that often goes unnoticed. This particular error not only affects our fundraising efforts but can also have a negative impact on our retention endeavors. Today, we'll delve into this crucial issue and explore some simple yet effective solutions to enhance our school's fundraising and retention success. 🙌

🔎 Understanding Parent Expectations

To shed light on this critical fundraising mistake, let's begin by examining our expectations of parents and the routine ask for funds they encounter throughout the year. 

Consider these questions: 🤔

  • Do we request an activity fee in addition to the contract?
  • How about a parent's association fee or classroom fee?
  • Do we ask for end-of-the-year gifts or contributions of food and baked goods?

While these contributions might appear routine to us, they can accumulate and become a burden for parents, particularly those with multiple children. Even if these fees are optional, parents may feel obligated to participate, which can lead to fatigue and decreased satisfaction.

📉 The Impact on Fundraising Participation

Frequent asks and contributions before the Annual Giving season can lead to a significant decline in fundraising participation. Parents might feel stretched thin and unable to give more, resulting in decreased engagement and support. This can ultimately hinder our fundraising efforts and affect our ability to provide valuable resources to our school community.

🚀 Empowering Positive Change

Fortunately, there are simple yet powerful steps we can take to improve retention and boost fundraising participation. Let's explore some effective solutions:

  1. Consolidate Fees: Consider combining certain fees with the contract or finding ways to streamline contributions to reduce the number of asks parents encounter. This thoughtful approach can alleviate the burden on parents and make them feel more at ease.
  2. Prioritize Annual Giving: Leading up to the Annual Giving season, be mindful of the frequency of requests. Consider limiting other fundraising appeals during this crucial period to allow parents the time and space to engage wholeheartedly with the annual giving campaign
  3. Communicate Thoughtfully: Openly communicate with parents about the impact of their contributions and the positive changes they bring to our school community. Show appreciation for their support and demonstrate the value of their involvement.

Conclusion: Building Stronger Bonds 💪🤝

As we gear up for the Annual Giving season, let's be proactive in avoiding this major fundraising mistake. By understanding and addressing parents' expectations and streamlining our fundraising approach, we can create a more positive and supportive environment. These small but impactful changes will not only strengthen our fundraising efforts but also enhance our retention success and foster a deeper sense of community within our school. Together, let's empower positive change and cultivate lasting bonds with our wonderful school families! 🌟🏫

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