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3 Bad Habits to Kick in 2020!


Hey friend,

I'm excited to talk with you today about bad habits. Why? Because bad habits slow us down and keep us from reaching our goals. And I want you to reach your goals this year.

But bad habits are sooooo hard to spot sometimes. They kind of sneak up on us when we're not looking.

I found myself falling into some very bad habits over winter break. It wasn't until I felt very unproductive two weeks later that I realized a bad habit was slowing me down!! 


I aim to be super productive with my time so that I can best serve my clients and spend quality time with my family.

So I was particularly upset to learn that a bad habit had snuck into my schedule and taken precious time, focus and energy from me. 

And after talking to some of my clients, I realized I wasn't alone. They had also picked up on some not-so-great-habits that were keeping them from reaching your goals. 

That's why I'm here to help you shed light on some common bad habits that you're going to need to kick ASAP if you want an awesome 2020. 

Check out this video to learn what habits are slowing you down.

And tell me what bad habits you're planning to kick this month. 

Let's make 2020 the best year yet 🙌


Founder, Easy School Marketing

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