Best Practices for Starting Your New Position

Jul 13, 2021

Hi there, 

Have you recently started a new position at a school? 🎉 Whether you're a new Head of School, Marketing, Admissions, Advancement Director, or similar role, this is the video for you! 

At small and independent schools, starting a new role can be a lot of learning, onboarding, and getting to know the culture and nuances of a school. These tips will help your transition into the job be a smooth one.

If your school does not already have a project management system, this summer is the time to start one! This is especially helpful if you're managing multiple people or teams.  

Starting a new position is also the time to become clear on how your team works, who is doing what, what is needed to execute, and how it can be streamlined. Creating a solid workflow and an organized system will also help you figure these factors out with ease. 

 Congratulations on your new position, and good luck as you prepare for fall! 🏫

If you're at a small school and looking for a place to connect with other school administrators, get extra support, and share strategies, our Small School Leaders meetup is the place for you. I'd love to see you at our next meeting on Thursday, July 15th at 12PM EDT. 😊