Preparing Small Schools for Life Beyond the Coronavirus

May 04, 2020

Hi friend, 

I'm here for you! This is certainly a crazy time for independent small schools. 

From crisis content creation to building distance learning programs, faculty and administrative staff have been working overtime to put things in place during COVID-19.

On top of the weight of keeping a school viable and active during this time, there's also the neverending communication with parents and families to hear feedback and respond to concerns, struggles, and suggestions. 

As several Heads of School have told me, "I sometimes don't know what day it is because every day is the same go-go-go, even weekends!"

So while we're juggling all of this, it's not a time when we can reflect on the future beyond 30 or even 60 days. 

However, as we unroll these plans and build these programs, it's critical for small schools to take a moment and actually think about life beyond the coronavirus. 

Not the "normal" we remember but the possibility of another crisis. 

Why? Because if you don't, you'll basically be starting over and building all over again in the future. 

We live in an uncertain world. And although we don't know why or when it is likely that something will shut down schools in the future. It is likely that we may be in this same place in two or five years (or next Fall!).

So here are the things we need to think about now in order to be ready in the future.

1. Document

2. Build Systems and Processes

3. Debrief

4. Create Professional Development Opportunities

Learn more about these four tips and more in this video!

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Aubrey Bursch, Founder, Easy School Marketing 

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