The Big Mistake Your School is Making NOW (that'll hurt you later!)

Sep 17, 2020

Hey there,

Deep breath. It's been a whirlwind school year (and it's only September!). 

What are you focused on now? With the school year up and running many of us are just getting back into our “new normal” routine. 

But as we deal with our ever-growing “to do” list, we often forget to pick our head up and think about the higher goals we set before the start of school. 

We’re missing the big picture. 

Without stepping outside of our routine (and the daily putting-out-of-fires scramble) it’s unlikely you’ll meet your larger goals this year. 

That’s why I’m committed to helping you develop that larger vision and high-level strategy that will allow you to keep families beyond COVID-19.

How do we keep them? How do we help them during this time?

If you’re lacking that high-level strategy right now and need the energy and strategies to move you forward, join me for the Small School Marketing & Retention Bootcamp on September 24!

Calling all Heads of School and Admissions Directors: This one-day virtual retreat is tailored to small schools! You’ll learn actionable strategies to help you increase retention and enrollment. 

Now is the time to strategize so you can be successful in 2021!


I look forward to seeing you on the 24th!


Founder, Easy School Marketing