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5 Ways to Avoid Burnout This School Year


Hello today!

This is something we ALL need right now. I'm seeing this on a huge level, for heads of schools, teachers, and administrators. 

So, what I have for you today are 5 ways to avoid burnout this school year. And if you're already burnt out, then hopefully you can still you these to re-energize. 

1. Give yourself white space every morning (where you don't think about anything work-related!) 

2. Limit mindless tasks (such as scrolling through social media!)

3. Take care of your body (i.e. your million-dollar racehorse)

4. Set boundaries and non-negotiables 

5. Fill your cup before you fill others 

I hope these 5 tips can be helpful for you to prevent burnout and be able to provide more for your schools. Please let me know of any other tips you have to avoid burnout!

Also, I hope to see you at our next Small School Leaders Virtual Power Hour on November 5 at 12pm. Sign-up here!



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