4 Reasons School Leaders Invest in Coaches

Feb 17, 2020

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So often I'll be at a conference or party and someone will hear what I do. They'll ask, "why do school leaders invest in a coach?" 

What a great question!!!

And so I tell them the top four reasons school leaders hire coaches:

1. Accountability

In an ideal world we'd all be self-motivated to hold ourselves accountable to our goals and the tasks we said we'd do.

But with the busy schedules of school administrators, accountability is often the first thing that goes out the window. 

How often do you find yourself saying, "I'll do that tomorrow (or next week"? Or "I don't have time for this project now. No one's asking about it so I'll just push it off until later"?

If this is you, you're not alone! So many people without accountability push off the work "until later" because there's no outside pressure to produce it.

And often this work is the most valuable to the school, the work that'll generate more revenue, bring in more students, retain more families. 

Part of my job as a coach is keeping clients accountable - to helping them reach their goals by reminding them of their goals and supporting them on their way to achieving them. 

Why would a school want that? Because you're 95% more likely to reach your goal with an accountability partner.

So if you want to reach your personal and professional goals, you'd better get a coach!

School leaders who invest in coaches invest in their school's future and their professional career.

2. "Outsider" Perspective

Do you ever live, breathe and eat work? This is so common in schools, especially small schools.

We're there every day juggling a million things and then dealing with the day to day challenges that pop up unexpectedly. 

Because we're so engrossed with the every day, we forget to see the big picture. We no longer can see opportunities for growth or a creative solution to the problem.

And this is where a coach or consultant comes in. They're not in the weeds dealing with the every day of life at a school. So they're able to see opportunities and solutions where you can't. 

It's this "outsider" perspective that allows school leaders to identify solutions to the challenges that are holding them back. 

3. Outside-Your-Industry Ideas and Best Practices

How often do you hang out with people outside your industry and talk strategy? For independent school leaders this is incredibly rare! 

You might go to conferences with our peers or connect in school-specific Facebook groups. Or perhaps you're on a schools-only listserv or attend workshops with other school leaders.

But how often do you seek out leaders in other industries? How often do you study their best practices and bring them to your school?

The answer is never! That's because it's not common practice in schools.

A coach's job is to bring new ideas and strategies to a school. This allows a school to get creative and stand out in the crowd instead of doing the same things as everyone else. 

5. Takes You to the Next Level

A coach knows your goals. And they also know when you can aim higher. They know when you're staying comfortable and not growing. 

A coach's job is to challenge you to set stretch goals and get uncomfortable.

Because if you're not growing you're never going to reach your potential. And you're never going to take your school to the next level. 

Want to learn more? Watch this video and then let me know what you want a coach to help you with this year.



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