Consumption vs. Massive Action: Which one is your school embracing?

May 04, 2020

Hi friend,

I'm here with you today to talk to you about something near and dear to my heart and that is...consumption vs. massive action.

So the reason I'm talking to you about this is that I see so many small schools struggling right now for that balance.

And what I mean about consumption is that with everything happening right now, there is a ton of content coming at you. How many of you are getting like 50 billion webinar requests a week? 

I could probably fill my entire day and night with the amount of live and recorded webinars that are being thrown at me.

And I think this is the time to be very selective as to what we're doing. Because now more than ever is a time of massive action. That means taking determined action to reach success.

And if we're so busy consuming and consuming - especially only from other independent schools - we're actually not getting new ideas from outside sources and we're not taking action to move things forward.

And so that's why it's really figuring out strategically to set the limit. Is it two hours a week that you're going to participate in webinars or consume other media? And yes, I'm including the news by the way!

And then the rest of the time should be massive action. So, if you're designing your week like that, compared to someone who's just taking in and consuming and very slowly moving forward, you're going to see great success in your independent school and the projects you're moving forward.

Because instead of consuming, you're taking massive action. I hope you will take this and use this because I find that the clients who constantly take massive action are the ones that see the results.

I hope you're doing well and staying healthy.

All my best!


Aubrey Bursch, Founder, Easy School Marketing

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