Curiosity: The Secret Sauce of Successful School Marketing Teams

Jan 27, 2020

Hey there, 

My friends think I'm a little bit odd. I'm constantly analyzing marketing tactics - good and bad - and asking questions.

It could be the way the new fitness studio reached out to me following a class (great customer service!) or when I had to spend 30 minutes on the phone trying to return a faulty product (sooo not great customer service!).

Or when a company launches something and I can tell they missed the mark. 

These are all lessons in marketing. And they all deserve to be asked one question: why? 

And it's a question I constantly ask any client and team I'm working with. 

  • Why did this Facebook ad not perform?
  • Why are parents not enrolling in that program?
  • Why is this post doing better than the others?
  • Why are we doing this strategy?

These questions are rooted in the secret sauce of a successful marketing team: curiosity!

Curiosity is asking questions about everything. It's throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing if it sticks. And if it does you figure out why. And if it doesn't you figure out why. 

The drive to ask the question why and to seek answers is what separates productive and successful teams from the others. 

Want to learn more? Watch this video and let me know how you embrace curiosity!



Founder, Easy School Marketing

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