How to Lose a Customer (or School Family!)

Feb 24, 2020

 Hi friend, 

I'm really excited to chat with you today about how to lose a customer. You might be thinking, "What? How does that relate to school marketing?"

And my answer is...everything is marketing! Losing a customer (or family) means that somewhere along the line you forgot some key components to keeping a customer. And that's why you lost them. 

In this video, I share an experience I had with a fitness studio (that I absolutely adored). I referred customers their way, knew everyone's name, sang their praises, and was their ideal client.

However, when new prices were rolled out and I didn't feel informed or valued, I left to explore other fitness options. And they lost me as a customer. 

So, what can we learn from this situation?

1. Communicate

Some schools worry about over communicating. However, the majority of parents need about 15 reminders until something sinks in.

That means that schools often need to repeat the value offered, opportunities to participate, and classroom activities several times and in several different ways. 

An informed customer is more likely to see the value in what they're purchasing because they're not surprised by changes or feeling left out of anything. 

2. Connect

If you think that twice a year parent/teacher conferences and the occasional classroom newsletter are going to make someone feel connected, you're wrong. 

In the world we live in, parents want a personalized experience. They want to see their child's classroom in action and see what they're learning and experiencing. 

They want to be connected to their child's journey. And this is critical! They need to see the value in what you're offering throughout the days, months, and years at your school. 

This means including creating classroom-specific volunteer opportunities (that aren't heavy lifts or time-intensive!), sharing photos and videos with parents every week, communicating both individual and classroom educational experiences, and providing community-building events for families to connect. 

3. Value the Customer

There's nothing worse than feeling like "just" a number. People, by nature, want to be a part of a community and be valued as a member of that community.

At schools, they want to be known by name. And they want the schools to not only know their children but also their child's potential, struggles, and successes.  

When we forget these key principles, people do not feel valued. They think, "Well, maybe I'll have a better experience at x school."

And because they don't feel valued (and therefore connected), they're more likely to leave.  

3. Reaffirm the Product Value

When tuition prices increase or the school experiences change, parents start to ask the question "Is this worth it?" What they're really wondering is if they're getting a return on investment. 

That's why it's critical that you're reaffirming the value of your product from the second the family walks on campus until the day their children graduate. It never stops. And if you forget to do this, that's when doubt creeps in. 

If you've done your work communicating with parents, connecting them to the classroom and mission, and making them feel valued, it's less likely they will choose to leave when they ask themselves "Is it worth it?"

Want to learn more? Check out my video to hear my experience as a customer and how you can apply it to your school. 



Aubrey Bursch, Founder of Easy School Marketing

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