Did it Work? How to Determine ROI on Events & Initiatives for Your Private School

May 07, 2022

✨ Hi there,

💬 We're going to talk about: Did it work? How to determine the return on investment of an event or initiative that you did last year and now you're thinking about doing it again this year 🏫 🎉 So here are my top 4 tips to help assess whether or not they should continue into the following year!

1.) How much time and energy went into producing these events? ⏰ Think back on all the community-building events, fundraisers, etc. you hosted and the time put into them. 

2.) How were these events impactful? Did you reach your goal? 🤔📊 Reassess your goals for each event and reflect on whether or not those goals were achieved. This is crucial, and yet still oftentimes forgotten! So please, figure out the outcome of those events and if they aligned with your vision when planning for the event.

3.) What did your community, staff, etc. think of the event? 👥💬 What feedback did you gather and what was said? Understand if these initiatives are supporting your long-term goals and giving the right experience to those attending. 

4.) Ask yourself, is this event(s) sustainable? 🌱✨ Given the time invested, and the outcomes, is it sustainable for your team if you continue doing this next year, or the year after? Is it sustainable for you and your community? 

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