Why Your School Should Be a Digital Storyteller

Feb 24, 2021

Hey there, 

Today we're discussing the key marketing principle of digital storytelling. You may think, does this apply to my school?

It absolutely does. Why? People make decisions based on emotion and back it up with logic. I can't stress this enough. What this means for your school is that your prospective families are looking at the story of your school.

How do you tell that story? Millennial parents are seeing that initial story through your website and social media, backed by social proof. This all starts with your school's messaging and the feeling that is portrayed through the images and videos, (i.e. STORIES) that you create.

Take a lesson from digital marketing: it's no longer about merely selling the product, but rather crafting the experience.

So let's make this actionable:

Does your school tell its story through images & videos on your website & social media?

Does your school feature alumni, parents, teachers, and members of your community talking about their experience of your school?

I encourage you to answer these questions for yourself and let me know, how does your school tell its story?