Is Your School Disappointing Families?

Mar 01, 2021

Hey there,

It's the COVID era of admissions, and what that means for small independent schools is that you're likely working on overdrive right now.

As always, schools are communicating with current parents, alumni parents, and prospective parents. However, during this increase in enrollment and interest, schools might not necessarily be thinking about the admissions process from the parent's perspective.

So, I'm giving you 4 actionable steps to make your process smoother, and prevent disappointing parents!

1. Clearly outline your admissions process on your website so that parents know what is happening

2. Give parents a realistic idea of the current admissions status, and keep them informed along the way of their application status

3. Let parents know what happens if you don't have room in your school (What else can you offer? Are they put on a priority acceptance list?)

4. Have empathy for new families and be there for them! They're emotionally invested in this and could be experiencing this process for the first time.

How are you doing with admissions right now? I'm always here to help! Connect with me on LinkedIn or schedule a call with me today.