Simple Marketing Strategies to Retain More Independent School Families

Sep 13, 2019

I'm sure you've heard it before, but it's worth repeating: It costs substantially more to attract a new family than it does to retain one. 

Every school I've worked with has retention pains. It's part of being a school. It's usually a combination of miscommunication, the "this-doesn't-belong-to-me" department issue, or a lack of systems. 

Does that sound familiar?

After years of working with schools, I've broken this down into a simple formula:

When parents feel engaged, connected, informed and affirmed, they're more likely to stay. 

So, let's break this down. 

Engaged: Are their opportunities to volunteer? To come on campus? To participate in school initiatives?

Connected: Do they feel connected to the classroom? To their child's progress? To the school's mission? To their child's teacher? To the Head of School?

Informed: Do they feel informed of upcoming events and activities (weeks or months in advance!)? About the classroom norms and expectations? About the longterm benefits of an education at your school?

Affirmed (this is the elephant in the room!): Do they feel affirmed in their decision to spend (insert your dollar amount) a year? Do they see a return on their investment? Hint: Parents need to be reaffirmed several times a year (and sometimes a month!) that they've made the right decision. So few schools do this well!

So if your school is hitting all these areas, you're likely to see your retention rates improve. 

Check out my video for some actionable retention strategies you can start today! 

Looking forward to chatting soon!



Founder, Easy School Marketing

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