How To Improve Your School's Email Marketing

Feb 15, 2021

Hey there,

Let's talk communications! Specifically, your school's email marketing.

Your school's email communications are crucial right now especially with unexpected changes that might be happening over the next few months. Parents want to be informed and feel connected to the community.

Now is also a prime opportunity to pique and sustain prospective families' interest in your school.

The good news is that BOTH of these communications can happen through email marketing, and there are many ways to streamline them.

Here are 4 ways to improve your email marketing:

💌 Warm your leads (prospective families) from events through email automation & drip campaigns.

💌 Have separate email sequences with videos and images for families in your sales pipeline (this also helps them through the process!)

💌 Introduce new families to your community through an email campaign

💌 Plan your welcome back strategy & give families information in an email sequence to help them ease back into in-person learning

The possibilities of email marketing campaigns are endless!

I'd love to hear from you, how are you using email marketing effectively? Connect with me on LinkedIn!