Why Feedback Matters NOW (hint: it's all about retention)

Sep 19, 2020

Hi there,

Let’s talk about retention.

Think about this...a huge part of retention is feedback. Do you ever feel frustrated when you have an issue with a company but there's really no channel to give feedback? Ugh, it's the worst! It leaves you feeling a bit anxious and upset.

We don't want our new and returning parents to feel that way. That's the quickest way towards attrition.

How are you asking for feedback this fall from your parents? Because we're dealing with COVID-19 here and many different learning formats, either you're in person and dealing with safety protocols and stuff like that, or you're distance learning and, or hybrid-ing.

School does not look the same. And so it's up to us, in order to keep the parents that we have, to provide an outlet for feedback.

How are you collecting it? Is it surveys? Are you calling parents? How are you dealing with your public school families who join the community?

How do you find out what their experience is AND how do you make sure that you're collecting that information and then acting upon it?

Find out more in this video. 

Cheering you on! 


Founder, Easy School Marketing

P.S. Before small schools can even think about attracting new families, they really need to make sure they don't have a mass exodus come spring 2021. And if you’re wondering how to retain your new and returning families (especially this year!) then you’ll want to join us for the Small School Marketing & Retention Bootcamp on September 24. 

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