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The Key to Success πŸ”‘ Foundational Marketing


Hi there!

Today we're going to be talking about something that is key to your success: foundational marketing.

Now, what is foundational marketing?

Let me start by telling you what it's not:

  • Shiny object syndrome
  • Jumping on the next big marketing trend
  • In-depth studies, Facebook & Google Ads
  • Being on 15 social media platforms

​Sure, some of these marketing tactics can be important later on. But does your school have a solid marketing foundation?

This is what you're missing!

Foundational marketing is optimizing the structures your school has with the resources you have. By focusing on the foundation, you'll see success while saving time and money! Ask yourself these questions:
​Do you have an optimized website?

Have you audited your online presence?

Are you seeding and incentivizing families to the next level?

If you can't clearly answer all of these questions, schedule a call with me! I'm here to help build the foundation for your school, so you can thrive now and in the future.



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