3 Fundraising & Giving Tuesday Mistakes Schools Make

Dec 02, 2020

Hey there, 

Today we are talking about fundraising and marketing. While you might think these two efforts are separate, I want to encourage you to see just how tied together fundraising and marketing really are.

On Giving Tuesday earlier this week, we saw tremendous success with the schools we work with! They had active engagement, alumni reaching out, and record fundraising levels. However, I also saw fund requests from other schools and the key differences that really changed the outcome of their efforts. 

So, here are those 3 mistakes: 

1. There was no sense of urgency, just an ask. A sense of urgency, through a challenge, a rallying of community, a limited window of donations, etc. schools will drive support and participation 

2. Too many other fund requests around Giving Tuesday or anytime before it. You don't want it to seem like you're nickel and diming your families!

3. You are not warming up your asks. Have you ever received emails from organizations asking for money when you haven't heard from them in months? 


So, let's make this actionable: What worked on Giving Tuesday this year, and what didn't? What can you improve on for next year, and for any other fundraisers? 

Write it down, and feel free to share your answers with me as well!

As always, I want your school to not only survive, but thrive! Also, don't forget to sign-up for our LAST Small School Leaders Meet-Up of 2020 next Thursday, Dec 10 at 12pm EST.