8 Game-Changing Apps & Tools For Your School

Apr 06, 2021

Hey there, 

Today we're diving into 8 of my favorite apps & tech tools! I recommend trying these out, as a lot of them can be really helpful for your school, your team, and your productivity. 

Here they are, in no particular order:

📱 Voxer — This app is what you get when you cross a walkie-talkie with texting. I use this all the time with my team and mastermind groups for sending back and forth voice messages. It's perfect for when what you have to say is too long for an instant message or email. 

📱Slack — You might already use it, but if your team hasn't yet tried this instant messaging industry-standardyou are missing out! 

📱Trello — Maybe you've used it a few years ago and didn't think much of it, but they've redesigned it and added a lot of new features, making it a project management leader! 

📱 Perfect Recall — This new desktop app is a bot that joins your Zoom meetings and makes a transcription of your call. 

📱Rev — If you aren't already captioning your school's videos, it's crucial for accessibility! Rev is a reliable, online service for captioning and transcription. 

📱 Vidyard or Loom — Need to explain a process, send a video message, or record a presentation? Vidyard & Loom are amazing desktop apps for screen & video recording.  

📱 Voice Memos (or Recorder for Android) — An oldie but goodie! If you need to send a voice message to someone and they don't already have Voxer, you can simply record a message on your phone and email it over. 

📱 Insight Timer — This might be a meditation app, but I use this timer for deep focus work and it is a lifesaver for distraction-free concentration. 

I hope you can explore these tools & find them useful for your school or team! 

Let me know, what are your favorite apps or tech tools?