Hit Your Marketing Goals with this Strategy

Feb 03, 2020

Hey there, 

I'm really excited to share this tip that my mentor shared with me. I'd like to say it's a super-secret strategy that you've never heard of it before. 

But that would be a wee bit of a lie.  

However, it's a strategy that most marketers, heads of school, and administrative team members are totally not doing. And it's hurting their chances of reaching their goals (and helping their schools!). 

What is it?

Well it's based on 90-day goals. Here's the steps:

1. Set three 90-day goals

Pick three goals to complete in 90 days. Make sure they are stretch goals - they've gotta make you a little uncomfortable and be a "reach" for you to achieve. Then follow the S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound) system. 

2. Put them on sticky notes

Find brightly colored sticky notes and write your three 90-day goals on them. Stick them on your computer, the cabinet doors, your mirrors...anything! They have to be a constant reminder to you to stay focused on your goals. 

3. Check your work against your goals 

If you're not doing work that aligns with your 90-day goals then you're not going to reach them. So every time you even consider doing something non-goal related pause and look at your sticky note. Then ask yourself, "do I really need to be doing this?" If it doesn't take you closer to your goals then delegate or delete it!

That's it folks! It's super simple and anyone can do it. No excuses!

 Want to learn more? Watch this video and let me know the three goals you're focusing on during the next 90 days.



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