How to Get Parents to Review Your School

Jun 17, 2023

🧐 According to survey results, 65% of prospective families said reviews and testimonials from other parents influenced their decision to attend a particular school. 
Yet many schools haven’t made reviews a priority or don’t know how to secure reviews from parents. 🤔 If this is you, I think you will find this concise list very helpful.

We all know that disgruntled parents are quick to give a negative review but your happy customers (of which I'm sure there are many) don't experience the need to put this at the top of their to-do list. So how do we get our busy parents to take the time to review our school? Here is our road-tested

✅ Make a list of parents you know value your school, preferably a few families from each grade
✅ Map out which families you will ask, when you will ask them, and which platforms you will ask them to give a review on.
✅ Make the ask personal - include something you notice about their child, “I loved seeing Billy in the spring musical.” Bonus: if you can include a photo.
✅ Ask for an "honest review" and include links to the site or sites you want to have reviews appear (limit to two to make it doable and not overwhelming).
✅ Include a sample testimonial so parents can more easily understand what you are looking for.
✅ Give a deadline, and not too far out as time invites procrastination.
✅ Follow up 48 hours before your deadline with a reminder, "Hi, checking in to see if you had a chance to do this for us..."

This is easy to schedule on your calendar so that you’re constantly gathering reviews throughout the year.

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