How to Help Your 1 Person Marketing Team Win

Jun 04, 2022

✨ Hi there,

Small schools everywhere are being faced with the challenge of having minimal support and staffing for their marketing teams 😓 so here are my top tips on how to make sure your marketing team stills wins 🥳

1.) Determine the ROI on all of your marketing initiatives 💸 Ask yourself, are they actually worth the time and energy you're investing? I highly recommend going through and doing an audit to figure out which things are working and which things aren't. This will be unique for every school, so be sure to tailor it to your specific school and marketing teams' needs.

2.) Outsource time-consuming tasks 👥 This is a really good way to maximize your small marketing. Keep your current staff in their zone of genius and outsource any time-consuming tasks - either delegating them to people on your team or outsourcing from an external source.

3.) Bring on additional staff or help to support during your peak marketing times 📈 Determine when your peak times occur and assess what can be done to make sure you're being set up for success - this could look like hiring additional staff, bringing in interns, reaching out to your community, etc. Wherever it makes sense, get that extra help!

4.) Plan plan, plan 📆✨ This means planning annually, meeting quarterly, and routinely revisiting that plan. We always aim for the next year to be the best year yet, but how can we get there if we don't plan? Discuss with your team, "who's doing what?", "what needs to be done?", "what events are happening? ", "what has to come from the marketing department for that?" Everything.

5.) Batch your content 🙌 Set aside a portion of time during the week to batch as much content as you can. This will save you time and give you a surplus of resources to reach for at any moment in time. You can batch email content, videos, photos, everything! So be sure to commit to that allotted time 💪

6.) Automate and use technology 📲 This will save you so much time and energy. For example, this could be setting up email drip campaigns for your new parents! It's a one-time time investment and then you're done! 🎉

For an extra bonus tip, watch the full video! 🤩✨

I'd love to know, how are you supporting your small marketing team? Email me at [email protected] 📧